Learn to spell on the iPad or iPhone

Designed for kids!

Spello is a fun and challenging game for children who are learning to spell. The Spello app has been designed from start to be easily used by kids and doesn't require a manual. Tap on a category an start! As simple as that.

In your language

Spello is available in English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and German more languages soon.
For those children who learn a second language, Spello is a quick way to discover words in the new language.

Learning is fun

Spello is designed to be fun. There are more than 100 images to spell. She likes cute animals? He's into power vehicles? We'll add more soon! Sorry, no plans for dinosaur pictures. Pterodactyl is too difficult to spell. Even for you ;)

It's safe

Leave your iPad with your kids -when you here the Spello tunes you know your youngest ones are using the iPad in the best possible way -education.

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